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The Adventures at Fort Christmas

Today I visited Ft. Christmas Historical Park, located guessed it! Christmas, FL. This is a really interesting place that is a piece of Florida history. The gift shop is the first building you come to when arriving at the site. In there, you'll find lot of nice little trinkets that would make great gifts - and yes, a lot of them are Christmas ornaments. You'll also find a helpful person behind the counter that can tell you about the site as well as direct you to other buildings on the grounds.

After the gift shop, the first section I went to was the old schoolhouse area. These white buildings are filled from floor to ceiling with beautiful wood (as are all the buildings on the grounds) and date back to 1906. There are plaques at each front door describing what the structure is, as well as the social history of the surrounding area.

The next area I came to was the fort itself. This is pretty cool. It's a small fortified area with two look-out corners and two small building inside the courtyard. But inside each of the lookouts (which are now both air conditioned), you'll find fascinating stories of the Seminole Indian Wars and the Fort's role in those battles. There are also many artifacts from the period, including authentic native Seminole clothing, war memorabilia, and factoids about this part of Florida. There's even a prehistoric canoe on display.

Finally, past the Fort, I found several pioneer homes that look as they did when they were first inhabited, even down to the antique furniture. To see how people lived in those days is incredible - and to think, they did it all without air conditioning! I have to say, these homes are my favorite part of Ft. Christmas Historical Park. The history seems to speak to you as you see the kitchens and appliances, bedrooms, and even the sugar cane presser and cooker. There are even real chickens outside!

All in all, I would definitely recommend Ft. Christmas Historical Park to anyone because in addition to everything I already mentioned there are pavilions for group gatherings, ball fields, and picnic areas. The feel is totally relaxed and the price is right...Free!

For more information on Ft. Christmas Historical Park, please click this link.

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