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The Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture at FSC, Lakeland, FL

Probably the most recognizable structure on the FSC campus
is the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel.
In 1991, the American Institute of Architects referred to Frank Lloyd Wright as "the greatest American architect of all time."
A look up inside the
Annie Pfeiffer Chapel.

I'm not sure I agree, exactly. I freely admit he had a profound influence on design and the art of structures and interiors. However, based on my excursion to Florida Southern College and from what's been stated regarding other structures of his design, I'm not sure I would call him the "greatest American architect of all time."

Wright's work is beautiful - no doubt. The lines and angles and uses of light are supremely attractive. But when it comes to construction, I was not impressed. The Child of the Sun collection of Wright's buildings at Florida Southern is one of the largest collections of his work in any one place. Students still take classes, study, visit libraries, and even eat in his designs at the campus. But the level of disrepair was surprising. Even though building and structural restorations are happening all over the campus, it seemed to be everywhere and obviously hard to keep up with. Another point of interest: If you're tall, be prepared to stoop a lot. The doorways, walkways, and many of the ceilings are very low. In addition, the Water Dome was billed to be spectacular but for some reason could only muster about 1/3 power for a less than inspiring display.
The Thad Buckner Building, originally
the E.T. Roux Library. Also where
tour info and the gift shop reside.

If you happen to be a Frank Lloyd Wright fan or if you enjoy photography or visual arts then, by all means, visit the campus. The Visitor Center offers self-guided tours, which I recommend because they're free, or guided tours that vary in cost depending on which one you choose. But even though the students, faculty and staff are extremely polite and helpful to the visitors to their campus, if you are like me and was interested in his work because, well, he's famous then my suggestion is to appreciate the art that are his designs through photographs. A visit will only prove disappointing.

For more information on the Child of the Sun, Frank Lloyd Wright's college campus design, please click the name. Keep in mind, the Visitor Center is not open on weekends.

Click HERE for a map.

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