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John Gorrie Museum State Park, Apalachicola, FL

Dr. John Gorrie Museum State Park
When I first heard of Dr. John Gorrie, I was thrilled. This was the guy that got air conditioning off the ground - what a hero in Florida! So when I discovered there was a museum dedicated to this man worthy of worship, I had to see it. ...but then I arrived...

What appears to be a fourth
grade science project.
Apalachicola is a nice little waterfront town known for ice. Yes, ice. That is what Dr. Gorrie first invented - a machine to make artificial ice. He held the first patent on such a machine which led to the invention of air conditioning. And Apalachicola has a stranglehold on that notoriety. ...and really nothing else. So when they made a museum dedicated to this physician/inventor/postmaster/banker/politician, wouldn't you think they would have some information on him? Okay, to be fair, they did have what appeared to be the science project of a fourth grader tucked away in the back corner of the tiny museum. And they did have a 3/4 scale replica of Dr. Gorrie's ice machine perched in the center of the room. But that's it.

The rest of the museum was based on the history of Apalachicola's industry during the relatively small time frame of when Dr. Gorrie lived there, rather than on the fascinating man himself. Unfortunately, there's more information about him on the Florida Heritage Landmark sign across the street at his grave site than in the museum "dedicated" to him.
The most information you'll find on
Dr. John Gorrie at the museum.

I would not recommend a trip to Apalachicola just to see this State Park Museum. But if you happen to be in the area and have 10 minutes and $2 to kill, knock yourself out.

At least it was air conditioned.

For more information on the John Gorrie Museum State Park, please click the name or go here:  Incidentally, the picture on the State Parks' website for the museum is actually of the church across the corner - not even of the museum itself.

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